Rules and Tools for Recordkeeping



This 3-hr self-study course emphasizes basic recordkeeping principles and provides strategies for maintaining patient-centered as well as legally defensible electronic and paper records. It contains key sections of the “Dental Risk Prevention” manual for those seeking a shorter course.

This course reviews basic recordkeeping principles such as documenting examinations, observations, informed consent, telephone calls and correcting errors as well as documenting unusual occurrences and conversations with patients and families. There is also a fine line between how you say what you say. Learn to recognize subtle differences in words and correct legally unsafe recordkeeping habits to decrease the risk of litigation. Each sub-section includes hypothetical questions, rules and guidelines pertaining to the topic discussed followed by Prevention Checklists and Evaluation Questions.

Course Objectives:

  • Maintain proper documentation such as chart entries, heath histories, examinations and informed consent
  • Documentation strategies for unusual occurrences, complaints and patient-related conversations
  • Recognize the subtle differences in the meaning of words that effect recordkeeping
  • Correct misconceptions and poor recordkeeping habits that lead to legally unsafe records

Florida CE Broker #50-961

Price: $35.00

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